Veteren Sack Machine Jason Taylor in Demand

Jason Taylor (American football)
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Jason Taylor (right), one of the NFL’s most consistent Line Backers is currently considering his future after becoming a free agent for the 2010 season.  At 35 he is no spring chicken but he has been a great pass rusher as his 127.5 sack career record testifies and he should have 2-3 more seasons left in him.

Current favourites for his signature are the New York  Jets, which is a bit of a surprise given he has been less than complementary about them over the years. Still I am sure even the most vocal of Jets fans would not be to adverse to seeing him pull on the green shirt.  Miami are also considering making him an offer and there are rumours that divisional rivals the New England Patriots are weighing up their options. Both the Jets and Patriots will know Jason well as they have faced him twice a season for most of his career as he has been a Miami man for all but a one season stint with the Washington Redskins in 2008.

Whoever gets Jason Taylor will be assured of some sacks and even in his worst season in 2008 he managed 3.5 sacks as Washington managed an 8-8 record. However whether he will be happy to leave the Florida region is debatable given he left the Redskins because he wanted to be closer to his family. The New York Jets may hold a wild card here though as Jason seems to enjoy the TV limelight as shown in his successful participation in “Dancing With The Stars”. The Jets will be the feature in HBO’s Hard Knocks this year so the lure of additional TV exposure might prove too much to resist.

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