Will The Washington Redskins Trade Albert Haynesworth

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In recent days the Washington Redskins have announced that Albert Haynesworth who joined them from Tennessee in a $100m free agency move will be their starting Nose Tackle for the 2010 season, however rumours persist that he will be leaving before the season starts and given how quiet they kept the McNabb trade anything is still possible.

There is absolutely no doubt that Haynesworth is a major talent but he also has a bit of an attitude problem and he is currently not co-operating with Washington’s plans to switch to the 3-4 defense.  Having a big name player on an even bigger salary who thinks he can do what he wants is not good news and given the Redskins ambitions for 2010 they might just decide to get rid of him and focus on the positives.

So who would be interested in Haynesworth? Well any team would like him at the right price but the front runners would probably be the Oakland Raiders who are weak in this area and Al Davies is not adverse to splashing out on big name players. They could offer their second round draft pick for him without unduly hampering their rebuilding plans and having missed out on Donovan McNabb this would be a big boost to the fans who have had little to cheer about of late.

New England were my early favourites given all the draft picks they have this year, but having finally sorted out a contract extension with Vince Wilfork they are now sorted at this position and will be looking to strengthen in other areas rather than add depth here. So this leaves Tennessee and Miami as my other possible candidates, Miami are desperate for a Wide Receiver or two and will almost certainly take Demaryius Thomas in round one. However they could give up their 43rd pick and still add another latter in the draft. Tennessee would love to have him back as they were not the same team without him last year, so they could be tempted to offer big maybe even parting with their 1st round pick for Haynesworth and a couple of latter picks.  With less than two weeks to go till draft day this will have to be settled soon and the odds are increasing that a trade will happen.

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