Week 10 Predictions

Week 10 already – where does the time go? This is the last bye week and the divisions are starting to shape up in what is looking like a very competative season. Lost of good games and some very hard to predict.


New Orleans at St. Louis – Ok having said that this one looks somewhat easier to predict. The Saints looked a little wobbly against the Panthers last week but still came through while the Rams have had a week off to prepare. Could be closer than many would think but only one winner for me The Saints by 7-10 points.
Tampa Bay at Miami – A good win for Tampa last week against the inconsistent Packers possibly aided by that rather colourful uniform – enough to distract anyone. Miami are improving overall although they still dont seem to have a proper playing style. I expect Miami to win by 10 points +

Detroit at Minnesota 


Not too much needs saying here except that if Detroit win it will be one of the seasons biggest upsets. The Vikings by 14+

Jacksonville at NY Jets

The Jags managed a win last week but looked a bit less than convincing against a rebuilding KC. I expect the Jets to take this one with some ease winning by 14 points +



Buffalo at Tennessee  


The Titans look to be getting back to form – a good win against the 49ers. Buffalo still dont seem to be improving and TO is not getting much of the ball which wont keep him happy for much longer.  I expect a Titans win by 10 points +

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh


Before the season started this would just have looked like a inconsequential game but now its for AFC dominance. Can the Bengals effectively put themselves in pole position? Im not too sure but expect a close game with the Steelers winning by 3-7 points.

Denver at Washington


Denver should bounce back from their recent slip ups here and I take them to win by 10 points +

Atlanta at Carolina


A tough game to call and it will depend on which Panthers team turns up as they are somewhat inconsistent this year. I am just going to go with the Panthers by 7 points.

Kansas City at Oakland 

The basement battle in the AFC West which will not attract too much attention outside of the fans of both teams. KC played well last week and I think they will just be good enough to nick this one by 3-7 points.

Seattle at Arizona

Seattle need to get their best players back and will probably be reconciled to the fact the post season is not beconning. Arizona are a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde team this season (much like last year when they stumbled into the post season only to surprise many). They could easily lose this one but I wil just give them the edge by a touchdown. Arizona by 7 points.

Dallas at Green Bay


Dallas looked really good last week with Tony Romo rallying the team to a 4th quarter comeback. Was that a one off or can they now go on to dominate the tough NFC East. I think they will be too good for the Packers who really neet to protect Rodgers and still look a little fraile on defense. The Packers will be a force in the next year or two but this season 8-8+ will be a good result. Its Dallas for me by 7-10 points.


Philadelphia at San Diego


A good win for The Chargers last week coupled with Denvers defeat must be rekindling memories of last years great escape when they snatched the AFC West title in the last game. This is a really tough one to call and should be close however I will give the edge to the Chargers by 7 points or less.

New England at Indianapolis


Possibly a prelude to the AFC championship game and the winner of this couuld be looking at the No 1 seed. Indy are quietly getting the job done while New England have taken a little time to settle following Tom Brady’s return. A close one expected but I will give the Patriots the edge and expect them to end Indys unbeaten run in winning by 7 points.  


Baltimore at Cleveland


Baltimore were my pre season favourites for the Superbowl and after a nice start they have come unstuck in some close games. At 4-4 and with two losses to the Bengals taking the division will be a tall order but a wild card is still a strong possibility. They will need to win this one though and I take them to do just than by 14 points.


Final Byes: NY Giants, Houston

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