Week 9 Results

Washington at Atlanta – 17-31

Prediction Atlanta to win by 14 points- spot on here in one of the easier games of the week to predict.

 Arizona at Chicago 41-21 – Prediction the Bears by 7 points.

The Bears are proving that a franchise QB doesnt make a team. They will struggle to get a Wild Card now.

Baltimore at Cincinnati 7-17 – Prediction Ravens  10 points or less.

A tough defeat for the Ravens against the surprise team of the year who must fancy their chances of at least a Wild Card. The Ravens will now have to hope the 2 wild cards come out of the AFC North – which is quite possible.

Houston at Indianapolis 17-20 – Prediction Colts winning by 7 or less.

A tough game as expected are the colts starting to tire or are the Texans getting better – the visit of New England next week will answer a few questions.

Miami at New England 17-27 – Prediction New England by 14 points.

No surprises here as the Patriots roll on having recaptured their form of old.

Green Bay at Tampa Bay 28-38 – Prediction Packers by 7-10 points

A disapointing performance by the Packers who need to strengthen their offensive line. At least Tampa will mot go 0-16 now though.

Kansas City at Jacksonville 21-24 – Prediction Jags the edge by 3-7 points.

A close game as expected KC look to be getting a little better and a couple more wins are a possibility for them before the season ends. The Jags – well who knows but I dont see them making the play offs.

Carolina at New Orleans 20-30 – Prediction New Orleans by 7 points.

The Saints bandwagon continues to roll – The Panthers may be starting to improve although I cant see them making the post season now.

Detroit at Seattle 20-32 – Prediction Seahawks  7-10 points.

A win for the Seahawks but nothing to get too excited about. The Lions are looking worse than last year despite managing a win this season.

Tennessee at San Francisco 34-27  – Prediction 49ers  by 7 points+

A nice win for the Titans who maybe can salvage some pride. The 49ers are looking better but not a play off team this year.

San Diego at NY Giants 21 -20 – Prediction Giants by 7 points.

A big win for the Chargers which just about keeps their post season hopes alive. As for the Giants – they just cant bat a good team and will struggle to make the play offs if they dont improve significantly.

Dallas at Philadelphia 20-16 – Prediction Eagles for me by 7 points +

A big win for Dallas who providing they dont have their typical late season slump look like making the play offs. The Eagles will bounce back but have another tough game next week.
Pittsburgh at Denver 20-10 – Prediction Denver by 3 points.

The Steelers are looking back to their menacing best which means its too early to write Denver off however Denver will be looking over their shoulders at the improving Chargers. Can they blow it again this year?

A bad set of predictions 6-7 leaving me at 87-42 for the season.

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