Week 3 Results round up

12-4 again leaving me 37 -11 in the first 3 weeks which is slightly better than expected. a quick recap:

Detroit 19, Washington 14  (Detroit by 7) Finally a win for the Lions
Green Bay 36, St. Louis 17  (Packers by 14+) Green bays defense still looks shaky but an easy win as expected.
Minnesota 27, San Francisco 24 (Vikings by less than 7) it looks like the 49ers are beter tan expected or that the Vikings are not as good as everyone thinks. By monday things will be clearer.  
New England 26, Atlanta 10 ( Pats by 4 or less). All too easy for the Patriots who look to be getting back to form.
NY Jets 24, Tennessee 17  (Titans by 7) Got this one wrong but having watched the game the Titans can feel a little unlucky. 0-3 will be hard to come back from though..
Philadelphia 34, Kansas City 14  (eagles by 14+) Easy enough for the eagles as expected and with Vick now eligible things should start to improve for one of my strong fancies for the Superbowl.
NY Giants 24, Tampa Bay 0  (Giants by 14 at least) No surprises here Tampa are going to have a long hard season by th looks of things.
Baltimore 34, Cleveland 3  (Ravens by 21+) All too easy for the Ravens as expected. Flacco is starting to look good.
Jacksonville 31, Houston 24  (Houston by 7) A bit of a surprise following on from houstons good win against the Titans still in the AFC South they tend to beat each other quite a bit.
New Orleans 27, Buffalo 7 (Saints by 10+) Another good win for the Saints who are already showing they could move from bottom last season to top this in the NFC South, which is a frequent occurrance.
Chicago 25, Seattle 19  (Chicago by 7) As expected a reasonably comfortable Bears win.
San Diego 23, Miami 13 (Chargers by 7+) again pretty much as expected.
Cincinnati 23, Pittsburgh 20  (Bengles by 7 or less). This one was a tough one to call and the form line with Green Bay held up as the Bengles scraped home. Hard to read too much into this and I still dont expect the Bengles to be playing in January but still a mighty impressive result.
Denver 23, Oakland 3 (Denver by 7 or less) Are the Broncos for real ? Well 3 wins against moderate opposition is all they could have done but the next 5 games will give a clearer picture.
Indianapolis 31, Arizona 10 (Cards by 3) A good win for the Colts and not what I expected. Maybe the Cards are having the typical Super Bowl losers hang over this season.
Dallas 21, Carolina 7 (Dallas By 7 or less) A good win in their new hi tec stadium probably says more about how far the Panthers have fallen than how good the Cowboys are. Still its nice to see them get that 1s win in the new dome.

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