Week 7 Results

Well after 6 games things were looking good but it soon fell apart with only 2 out of 8 correct after that. So what happened.

Green Bay 31, Cleveland 3 Prediction Packers by 10+

All too easy for Green Bay with Rogers passing well and the defense rarely troubled. With The Vikings coming to town next the NFC North could start to get interesting. Dont rule the packers out just yet.

San Diego 37, Kansas City 7  Prediction Chargers by 7+

Again just as expected an easy win with Rivers putting up some decent if not spectacular yards.

Indianapolis 42, St. Louis 6  Prediction Indy by 14+

The Rams continue on their quest for an 0-16 season and Indy continue to quietly march towards the post season with little fan fare. They could make it all the way this year.

Pittsburgh 27, Minnesota 17  prediction Pittsburgh by 7 points or less.

Favre finally tasted defeat in the Purple (I will never get used to seeing him playing for the Vickings) and the reigning champions look to be back on track following those early defeats. Both still look play offs bound.

New England 35, Tampa Bay 7  Prediction New England by 14+

Watched the game and Tampa were lucky to lose by only 28 points. Its going to be a long season for the Bucks while New England can look forward to the Playoffs at least on current form.  

Houston 24, San Francisco 21 Prediction Houston by 7 points +

A good win for Houston who have a bit of a chance of a wild card this year.

So far so good but now it starts to go horribly wrong :-
Buffalo 20, Carolina 9  Prediction Panthers by 7+

A very poor performabnce by Carolina who will not be troubling the division leaders this season judging by this performance. Buffalo have now won 2 games in a row and look a better team withour Edwards at QB.

NY Jets 38, Oakland 0 Prediction Oakland by 7 or Less

Oh dear what a turgid performance. How the Raiders can beat a good Philly team one week and then get annihilated by an ok Jets team the next is any ones guess.

Dallas 37, Atlanta 21 Prediction Atlanta by 7 or less

This was a good performance by the Cowboys who seem to have found a new star in Miles Austin. Atlanta couldnt stop Romo who threw for 299 yards and looked to be recapturing his old confidence. If the Cowboys dont have their typical late season slump then a place in the playoffs is a possibility probably at Atlanta’s expense.

Cincinnati 45, Chicago 10  Prediction Bears by 7

This was a statement performance by The Bengals who are showing they will have to be taken seriously this year. The Bears showed a lot of untypical generocity in defense and should bounce back but on this performance a mediocre season is to be expected.

New Orleans 46, Miami 34    Prediction Saints by 10+

A nice come from behind win for the Saints who are looking by far the best team in the NFC this year. Can they keep it up? 

Arizona 24, NY Giants 17  Prediction Giants by 7-10 Points

This was a great performance by the Cardinals and they will almost certainly be in the post season given the sorry state of the NFC West. The Giants have looked a little sakey in the last 2 weeks and although probably post season bound will have to watch both Philly and the Cowboys who look like making the NFC East a tough division again this year.

Philadelphia 27, Washington 17

A good tough NFC East divisional game which went to form mainly thanks to the Redskins failing to hold onto the ball and not converting their chances. The Skins are a slightly better team than their record suggests while the Eagles could take the division if they stay fit and dont repeat the debacle performace against Oakland too often.

So 8-5 in my predictions better than last week but still below my average.

Season so far 75 -28

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