2009 NFL Season Predictions Update

At the start of the season these were my predicted playoff teams and seeding’s.

AFC Predicted Seedings

  1. New England Patriots
  2. San Diego Chargers
  3. Baltimore Ravens
  4. Indianapolis Colts
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers
  6. Tennessee Titans

Near Misses – New York Jets, Houston Texans, Buffalo Bills

NFC Predicted Seedings

  1. Philadelphia Eagles
  2. New Orleans Saints
  3. Chicago Bears
  4. Arizona Cardinals
  5. Minnesota Vikings
  6. New York Giants

Near Misses Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons

So how are they doing?

Well generally speaking with the notable exception of the Cincinnati Bengals – who will have surprised many and the Chicago Bears who have been a bit of a disappointment things are going much as expected as regards who will be in the post season.

The AFC wild card race is particularly tense this year and I would not be too surprised to see one f the 7-7 teams come through to snatch that last place as Denver look like self destructing again this year.

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