NFL Week 14 Results

New Orleans 26, Atlanta 23

Green Bay 21, Chicago 14

NY Jets 26, Tampa Bay 3

Miami 14, Jacksonville 10

Baltimore 48, Detroit 3

Houston 34, Seattle 7

Indianapolis 28, Denver 16

Buffalo 16, Kansas City 10

Minnesota 30, Cincinnati 10

New England 20, Carolina 10

Washington 34, Oakland 13

Tennessee 47, St. Louis 7

San Diego 20, Dallas 17

Philadelphia 45, NY Giants 38

San Francisco 24, Arizona 9

No Major shocks this week apart from the Steelers loss and possibly San Francisco’s big win against the totally unpredictable Cardinals. Right now the teams with momentum look like The Vikings and Eagles in the NFC, and Indy and San Diego in the AFC.

Baltimore are still my Dark Horse despite them not being assured of a wild card. They have had some bad luck but are still hanging in there and their defence is starting to look mean again.

Performance of the week – for me its The Eagles who are looking like Superbowl contenders and possibly winners – which would get the Philly crowd off Andy Reeds back.

With the lack of shock results I managed 12-4 with my predictions leaving me 142-66 on the season slightly down on previous years.

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