2010 NFL Predicted Draft Choices 17-32

With the NFL draft spanning 3 days this year there is probably a greater chance of some late trades however this is what I expect from the second half of round one.

17     San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina) –  Kyle Wilson (CB)

With their second pick in the 1st round San Fransisco will probably look  to strengthen their defense and Kyle Wilson looks a great prospect, probably second only to Joe Hayden in this position in the 2010 draft. If he has gone they will probably turn their attention to OT’s Anthony Davis, or Mike Iupati.

18     Pittsburgh Steelers – Maurkice Pouncey Guard (G)

The Steeler’s badly need an upgrade in this position and Maurkice Pouncey is probably the best in that position available this year. He is also quite adaptable and could cover at Center if required which could come in useful given Pittsburgh’s aggressive style which can rack up the injuries. An offensive tackle would also fill a gap and Mike Iupati is another they might consider.

19     Atlanta Falcons – Sean Weatherspoon (OLB)

Atlanta could probably use a defensive end and with no 2nd round pick they will probably miss out on Brandon Graham or Everson Griffen both of whom could slip into the second round. Still the need an OLB and Sean Weatherspoon is the best bet for them. If thet do pass on him they will go for one of the defensive ends.

20     Houston Texans – Earl Thomas Safety

The Texans had a great season in 2009 but again failed in their main task which is to beat the Colts at least once a season and with Eugene Wilson being somewhat injury prone they need a quality free safety if they are to stop Manning picking them off. If Thomas is still on the board I cant see them taking anyone else, however if he has gone then they might switch their attention to Cornerbacks with Devin  McCourty being a strong possibility. If they decide to draft for the offense instead then RB Ryan Mathews would be a good fit.

21     Cincinnati Bengals – Jermaine Gresham Tight End (TE)

Although the Bengals offensive style  is not TE friendly at present last seasons end of season capitulation showed they were too predictable and adding a good TE would give Carson Plamer another option in tight games. If they decide to go more conservative then picking up Safety Taylor Mays would make sense.

22     New England Patriots – Ryan Matthews (RB)

This might sem like a strange pick for the Patriots, but they currently lack a real powerhouse every down running back and Matthews would fit the bill nicely. However if TE Jermaine Gresham is still on the board they will probably take him instead as cover for Wes Welker who is by no means certain to be ready for the start of the 2010 season. They may also be considering Jared Odrick who can play DE or DT giving the patriots the defensive flexibility they like.

23     Green Bay Packers – Anthony Davis (OT)

The Packers really need to protect Aaron Rodgers and strengthening the O – line is a priority this season if they are to progress to genuine  Super Bowl challengers.  If Davies has fallen this far then they will be getting a bargain and I have no doubt they would take him.  Other potential considerations are OT Charles Brown or possibly OLB Sean Weatherspoon in the unlikely event he is still available.

24     Philadelphia Eagles – Mike Iupati (OT/G)

Although the Eagles really need a corner I think that if Iupati is still available Andy Reed will take him as he likes massive offensive linemen and he would be the value pick at this stage of the draft. Given that Hayden & Wilson will be long gone they might be prepared to wait till latter in the draft to pick up a Cornerback, but if not or if Iupati has gone then they might turn their attention to CB Devin McCourty.

25     Baltimore Ravens – Devin McCourty (CB)

Although the Ravens are a little thinner on the defensive line than what we are used to I think they need to sort out there corners and pass interference calls severely hampered them last season. McCourty will probably be the best of the remaining CBs by this stage and will help shore up their secondary. If he has gone and one of the other top CBs is not free then they will turn their attention to the Defensive Line where Jared Odrick who can play Defensive end or tackle would be a good fit.

26     Arizona Cardinals – Colt McCoy QB

With Kurt Warner retiring leaving the choice of Matt Leinart or Derek Anderson in this position then it is just possible that the Cardinals will take a chance on McCoy who would offer good value in this area of the draft. Of course they might decide to wait and see how the other two get on and if so they will need to fill the gaps at Line backer probably with OLB Sergio Kindle.

27     Dallas Cowboys – Taylor Mays (S)

Dallas need to strengthen their backfield and Taylor Mays will be the best value pick still on the board if he falls to 27. They could also use a talented guard and in the event that Pouncey or Iupati were still available then they would be strong contenders.

28     San Diego Chargers – Terrence Cody, NT

This will fill a big hole (literally) on their roster and is currently their biggest area of need in my opinion and will fit well with their current formation. The other area to address is at running back and if Cody is not available they might have a long look at either Ryan Matthews or Jahvid Best.

29     New York Jets – Linval Joseph (NT)

The Jets have a strong secondary but could use a bit of stiffening on the line and Linval Joseph would be a great fit. He can play front man in a 3-4 or could be shifted to interior defender in a 4-3 giving plenty of options and would represent pretty good value this late in the draft. This pick could of course hinge on whether Jason Taylor signs, as they really need someone to pressure opposing QB’s and they could still look to DE’s Jerry Hughes, Sergio Kindle or Jared Odrick, any of whom could sort out their lack of sacks.

30     Minnesota Vikings – Brian Price (DT)

The Vikings need to add some depth here and Price will probably be the best left at this stage of the draft. However I wouldn’t rule out a move for a future QB and if still available they could take Colt McCoy or possibly even Tim Tebow.

31     Indianapolis Colts – Jahvid Best (RB)

Although the Colts need to improve their Offensive line, they might find Best too tempting if he is still around this late in the draft. He is fast durable and will be a great complement, and future replacement for Joseph Addai who will be a free agent soon. If they decide to go OT then Charles Brown or Roger Stafford would be good choices.

32     New Orleans Saints – Sergio Kindle (OLB)

By now many of the players the Saints would have liked will be long gone but Sergio Kindle is still pretty good value at pick 32 and could be used at Defensive end too in an emergency. This will giving them plenty of flexibility regarding his role. Other possible picks would be DE’s Carlos Dunlap or Jared Odrick.

Well that the picks for 2010 and in 4 days I will know if I have got any right.

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