Round Two 2011 NFL Draft Updated Picking Order

Round two of the 2011 draft now sees the New England Patriots with 3 picks having acquired pick 24 from the Saints; and they have first choice today.

There is some good talent floating about and it will be interesting to see if the Patriots decide to take a risk on Da’Quan Bowers, who would have gone in the top 10 at least had his knee not been a problem. We think his injury worries are overblown and that a lot of teams will be kicking themselves for not taking the chance.

Other talented players still available include Akeem Ayres who we think will end up at the Pats if they don’t take the punt on Bowers, and Stephen Paea who could easily have been a 1st round pick.

The remaining Qbs should also attract early attention with Ryan Mallet, Andy Dalton and possibly even Colin Kaepernick likely to go in the early part of round 2.

The pick order is below:

Round two draft order (first pick is technically 33)

1   Patriots  

2   Bills  

3   Bengals  

4   Broncos  

5   Browns  

6   Cardinals  

7   Titans  

8   Cowboys  

9   Redskins  

10   Texans  

11   Vikings  

12   Lions  

13   49ers  

14   Broncos  

15   Rams  

16   Raiders  

17   Redskins  

18   Chargers  

19   Buccaneers  

20   Giants  

21   Colts  

22   Eagles  

23   Chiefs  

24   Patriots  

25   Seahawks  

26   Ravens  

27   Browns  

28   Patriots  

29   Chargers  

30   Bears  

31   Steelers  

32   Packers  

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