2012 Draft Prediction Picks 1-6

The draft is getting closer and like everyone we like to have a little go at predicting who will go where. So here are our predictions for the teams picking 1-6.


Pick 1 Indianapolis Colts – QB Andrew Luck

The Colts had a terrible 2011 campaign and having let Peyton Manning go to Denver it is not hard to guess what they will do with their 1st round pick. They have plenty of other holes however they will be able to fill them latter.

Overall we are 99% confident in saying they will take Stanfords Andrew Luck. The only other possibility is Roberd Griffin III however he seems set on joining the Redskins. A real long shot would be for them to trade down and address their secondary with hopefully Morris Claiborne, however they would want the farm too for giving Luck up so it looks unlikely.

Pick 2 Washington Redskins (From The Rams) – QB Robert Griffin III

The Skins have traded up for one reason and one reason only – to get a QB and with Luck almost certainly gond they will take Baylor’s Robert Griffin III. We cant see any other possible trade for them.

Pick 3 Minnesota Vikings – OT Matt Kallil

The Vikings struck lucky with the Redskins trading up as the Rams would probably have taken Southern Cal’s Kallil at No 2 leaving them with little option but to address their ither glaring needs at WR and Corner. However they have sttruck lucky and Matt Kallil is the only logical choice given they despersatly need to protect Christian Ponder better if he is to progress in his second season. The only other possible players that the Vikings would consider at this stage are CB Morris Claiborne or WR Justin Blackmon


Pick 4 Cleveland Browns – RB Trent Richardson


The Browns were tipped to pick up Griffin before the Washington trade, and given the two star QBs will be gone by now they will have to turn their attention to other needs as no other QB in the draft warrants a pick this high. Of course they could trade down and we think there is around a 30% chance they will.  So assuning they dont their options are: Grab Morris Claiborne and in doing so have a nice CB pairing with him and Joe Haden, take Justin Blackmon and make him their no1 go to guy, or strengthen their running game.  Overall if they dont trade then we feel that Alabama’s Trent Richardson is the best fit.


Pick 5 Tampa Bay WR Justin Blackmon


Tampa had a very disapointing 2011 and although they had problems all over the field in our opinion a deep ball threat is their most pressing need and here Justin Blackmon (Oklahoma State) would be a good fit. The signing of Vincent Jackson may change their thinking, however having these two lining up on either side would certainly give opposing defenses something to think about and having a bit of cover incase either gets injured makes sense. The Buccs desperately need a corner or two, however they can probably address that latter, although they could also decide to take Morris Claiborne which would be their first choice if Blackmon has gone.

Pick 6 St Louis Rams (From Washington) OT Riley Reiff


In our opinion the Rams should have held on to their no 2 pick and taken Matt Kallil as Sam Bradford is in danger of being David Carr mk II if he takes another season of beatings. Anyway Kallil will be long gone by pick 6 so they really have to look at the next best who is Riley Reiff  (Iowa). He may look a little pricey at pick 6 however he is talented and versatile being able to play left or right and should mature into a pro bowl level guard. The only other alternative left at this stage would be Morris Claiborne who would stiffen up an injury prone secondary, however the main need is on the O line and thats where we think they will go.

Our 7-12 Picks will be published tomorrow.


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