2012 NFL Draft Round One Recap

With all the trades it would be a major surprise if anyone managed to pick more than 10 correct in their mock draft. Anyway here’s a quick recap.


1 Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck QB – Out Pick Andrew Luck

A no brainer this one given that Peyton Manning was gone and the fact Luck looks like a star in the making.  Our Grade A

2 Washington Redskins (From Rams) Robert Griffin III – QB our Pick Griffin III

Another no brainer the Skins made their intentions clear when they gave up the farm to get the No 2 pick. Our Grade A

3 Cleveland Browns Trent Richardson RB – Our Pick Richardson

We had the Browns taking Richardson at 4 and were surprised that they felt the need to move up a notch to get him. Still they had a few picks to spare thanks to previous draft trades so at least they guaranteed getting him. Our Grade B+

4 Minnesota Vikings Matt Kalil OT – Our Pick Kalil

The Vikings were always going to take Kalil and they managed to get a few latter picks thrown in too. Nice day at the office for Minnesota. Our Grade A+

5 Jacksonville Jaguars (from Tampa) Justin Blackmon WR – Our Pick WR Michael Floyd

Blackmon would probably have been gone by pick 7 so given that the Jags didn’t have to give up too much this was not a bad move. We had Blackmon going at 5 to Tampa so they have got a top 5 pick without giving up too much.

Our Grade A-

6 Dallas Cowboys (from Rams) Morris Claiborne CB – Our Pick CB Dre Kirkpatrick.

This was a reasonable good move we had the Cowboys going CB and Claibourne going inside the top 10 so they have filled a major roster hole and not paid too far over the odds. Our Grade A-

7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mark Barron SS our pick WR Justin Blackmon

The Buccs have done quite well out of the trading merry go round however we are a little surprised that Mark Barron was their choice. SS didn’t look a priority pick for the Buccs and maybe they could have traded down a bit more and still got him. Not a bad pick just a bit expensive. Our Grade B-

8 Miama Dolphins Ryan Tannehill QB – Our Pick CB Morris Claiborne LSU

This pick smacks of desperation and we are sure that the Dolphins could have traded down quite a bit and still got Tannerhill. We hope we are proven wrong but in our opinion Tannerhill is not a top 10 pick and may not even justify a 1st round pick.  Our Grade C-

9 Carolina Panthers Luke Kuechly ILB – Our Prediction DT Fletcher Cox

The Panthers needed to draft defense and Luke Kuechly looked the best in this position in the draft. We thought they might have gone DE but had Kuechly going around this area so not a bad deal at all. Our Grade B+

10 Buffalo Bills Stephon Gilmore CB – Our Pick DE Quinton Coples

This surprised us as we would have put Alabama’s Dre Kirkpatrick ahead of Gilmore. Still The Bills have stiffened their defense with this signing. Our Grade B+

11 Kansas City Chiefs Dontari Poe DT Our Prediction Dontari Poe DT

As we expected the Chiefs took a big NT/DT and Poe looks like the last piece of the jigsaw in what is a promising young squad. The Chiefs may be looking at a winning season in 2012. Our Grade A

12 Philadelphia Eagles Fletcher Cox DT – Our Pick SS Mark Barron

We were a little surprised that the Eagles felt the need to trade up to get Cox, but given that one of their biggest needs at safety can be filled easier in the later rounds with Barron gone, Cox looks like a good pick. Our Grade B+

13 Arizona Cardinals Michael Floyd WR – Our Prediction OG David DeCastro

We thought that Floyd would be long gone by pick 13 and we are sure the Cardinals were pleasantly surprised to see he was still available. Given the way the draft has panned out Arizona may end up having go one of the bargains of the round here. Grade A+

14 St Louis Rams Michael Brockers DT – Our Pick OT Riley Reiff

We can only assume that the Rams wen’t defense as they have 3 second round picks now as their O-line really needs an upgrade. Given that both Reiff & De Castro were available this remains a surprise.  hard to grade this pick as they have made some good trades around it. Our Grade B+ (based on the trades value)

15 Seattle Seahawks Bruce Irvin DE – Our Pick ILB Luke Kuechly

The Seahawks did a nice trade down with the Eagles, and drafted on defense which was their big need, however we are not convinced that Bruce Irvin was the right choice especially given that Dont’a Hightower was still around and also Coples or Ingram. They must have seen something we missed? Our Grade B- (based on the trades value)

16 New York Jets Quinton Coples DE – Our Pick WR Kendall Wright

We expected the Jets to draft someone for either Sanchez or Tebow to throw to with their No 16 pick, however our guess is that seeing a player of Coples caliber dropping to them was just too good to miss. He will add depth to an already formidable Jets defense; something they will need given the Patriots and Bills should be strong in 2012. Our Grade B+

17 Cincinnatti Bengals Dre Kirkpatrick CB Out Pick CB Stephon Gilmore

As we expected the Bengals went CB however they will be pleasantly surprised that they got Kirkpatrick who could easily have went to the Bills at 10 given they decided to go CB. This looks a good deal to us. Our Grade A

18 San Diego Chargers Melvin Ingram DE Our Pick G Cordy Glenn

We can only assume that the Chargers are going to address their O-line needs in the second round. They may need to give the Rams a call though if they are to get the someone of Glenn’s caliber. Our Grade C+

19 Chicago Bears Shea McClellin DE Our Pick DE/OLB Courtney Upshaw

The Bears continued to draft Defense and although we thought Upshaw’s versatility would suit them better McClellin is still a good pick. Our Grade B+

20 Tennessee Titans Kendall Wright WR – Our Pick DE Melvin Ingram

With the best of the DE’s gone and a promising WR still on the board this was not a bad pick from the Titans. We had Wright going earlier so this could be good value. Our Grade B+

21 New England Patriots Chandler Jones DE – Our Pick DE Whitney Mercilus

We expected the Pats to go pass rush in the first round however we didn’t think they would need to trade up and are a little surprised they took Chandler Jones (we had him going early 2nd round). We are reluctant to question the Pats decision making, however we think they may regret letting Mercilus pass them by. Our Grade B-

22 Cleveland Browns Brandon Weeden QB – Our Pick QB Ryan Tannehill

We expected the Browns to go QB here and maybe they got lucky as Weeden is as good as Tannerhill in our opinion and he should have a chance at starting. We do feel a little sorry for Colt McCoy though as he lacked weapons in 2011 and is probably worthy of another chance. Our Grade B

23 Detroit Lions Riley Reiff OT – Our Pick OT Mike Adams

Things just keep getting better for the Lions! They have not only filled their biggest draft need but also got a player who could easily have got top 10. This in our opinion is the best value pick of the draft. Our Grade A+

24 Pittsburgh Steelers David DeCastro G Our Pick ILB Dont’a Hightower

This is another pick based on a player probably falling further than expected, and although the Steelers probably needed a linebacker more passing DeCastro would have been a bad move. Our Grade A-

25 New England Patriots Dont’a Hightower ILB – Our Pick DE Nick Perry

We had Dont’a going to the Steelers at 24 so trading up to get him was probably a good move by the usually conservative Patriots as we could See no way he would have fallen to them at 31. This looks like a better trade than their other 1st round move. Our Grade A-

26 Houston Texans Whitney Mercilus DE Our Pick WR Alshon Jeffery

The Texans probably needed a WR more but with Mario Williams gone adding Whitney Mercilus this far down the draft does make a lot of sense. We had him down as pick 27 in our mock rank and think he will be a great signing for them. Our Grade A-

27 Cincinnatti Bengals Kevin Zeitler G – Our Pick WR Stephen Hill

We are not sure that this is a need pick and with Cordy Glenn still being on the board they could probably have tried trading up in round 2 if they really wanted a decent guard. Time will tell on this one. Our grade D+

28 Green Bay Packers Nick Perry DE – Our Pick CB Janoris Jenkins

The Packers need corner depth and although we rated Nick Perry as a 1st round pick we feel the Pack could have waited a bit longer to add more pass rush. Unfortunately Jenkins will be long gone before their second round pick so as packers fans we are a little disappointed 🙁  Maybe they can try trading up with the Rams in round 2. Our Grade C-

29 Minnesota Vikings Harrison Smith FS

We were a little surprised to say the least when the Vikings chose to trade back into the 1st round for Smith. He could easily have fallen into the early part of round two and giving up their no 35 pick to get him doesn’t make a lot of sense to us. Our Grade D

30 San Francisco 49ers A.J. Jenkins WR Our Pick TE Coby Fleener

The 49ers have the defense and if they can get the offense sorted then they will make another run at the Superbowl in 2012, however we are not sure that Jenkins was the right choice. In our opinion there were better WR still on the board and since the first round was nearly over there was time to plan a second round swoop. Time will tell on this one. Our grade C-

31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Doug Martin RB

Why Tampa felt the need to trade back into the first for a RB is anyone’s guess? Ok you can never have too much depth at Running Back but we felt that there were bigger priorities. Hope we are wrong but this looks like the poorest value in the 1st round. Our Grade D

32 New York Giants David Wilson RB Our Pick DT Michael Brockers

Brockers went much higher than we expected and the Giants probably feel they can add defensive depth latter in the draft. However like Tampa at 31 we feel they could have done a little better especially with the likes of Janoris Jenkins still being on the board. They could have traded out and still got Wilson in our opinion. Our Grade D+


So there we have it a quick recap of round one.

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