Brett Favre Calls It A Day?

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After another close season of will he wont he, it finally seems like Brett Favre is finally going to announce his retirement this season with numerous sources report citing that he has finally realised the injuries have caught up with him.

Although nothing is official and one only has to look back on the tearful retirement speech after the Packers lost the NFC Championship game to the Giants to realise nothing with Brett is ever quite what is seems, however this time it could be for real.

Brett had his best ever QB rating last year averaging 107.2 as he guided the talented but under achieving Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship game, which they lost in overtime following a brutal match. Brett was injured in this game, causing him to have surgery again, and perhaps this has made him realise that money and glory cant re-buy you health.

He already holds most of the main NFL records for a quarterback, including career touchdowns – 497,  passing yards – 69,329,  game wins 181,  and seasons with at least 3,000 yards passing – 18. That final stat is the most incredible considering he only played 18 proper seasons. This has not come without cost though and as well as never missing a game as starter since commencing his career with Green Bay in 1992 he also holds the record for throwing the most interceptions – 317 and has been sacked an incredible 503 times something which must have taken its toll.

So it looks like retirement part two will come after another tough NFC Championship loss.

For the Record books Brett Favre was three-time league MVP – 1995-97, won a ring in Super Bowl XXXI with the Green Bay Packers, and his 11 Pro Bowl appearances are the most ever by a quarterback.

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