Brian Westbrook Takes Backup RB Job At San Francisco

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Ex Philadelphia Eagles Running Back Brian Westbrook has chosen to join the San Francisco 49ers where he will have to be content with the back up job to Frank Gore. Westbrook had the chance of joining the St Louis Rams, but given they are likely to struggle this season he has decided to forgo the chance of being started to be with a winning team.

This is a nice move by the 49ers who having managed 8-8 last season will fancy their chances of ending their 7 season play off drought in a weak looking NFC West. The one year deal is worth $1.25 million and there are success bonuses on top possibly doubling this figure. This acquisition will be a big confidence boost for the 49ers who will now have some depth on the roster and Westbrook’s undoubted leadership skills should also be a big boost for the younger squad members.

This should be their season to shine in the NFC West, given that Arizona have lost a lot of starters and neither the Seahawks or Rams are in a position to do anything this season.

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