The Favre Saga Takes Its Final Twist?

It looks like the Favre family will have to put the retirement party on ice again this season as Brett Favre has decided to compete in his 20th NFL season with The Minnesota Vikings again this year.

Ever since 2002 one of the main melodramas of the close season has been will he or wont he put his feet up. This dithering led to an acrimonious split with the Packers when he announced he was retiring after the 2007 NFC Championship loss to the NY Giants, only for him to decide he would have a season in the AFC with the Jets.

Now after allegedly retiring by text earlier this year, a contingent of Vikings players comprising Steve Hutchinson, Jared Allen and  Ryan Longwell seem to have talked him round and he is now reportedly in Minneapolis with the team probably to discuss terms. However his agent is still refusing to confirm his decision so there is still time for a change of heart or two before the season starts.

If as looks likely Brett Favre does return then the Vikings will be strongly fancied to make another run at the Super Bowl and with him they will have one of the most complete squads in the NFC.

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