Donovan McNabb Available for a Second Round Draft Pick

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Andy Reid, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles is apparently prepared to off load 6 time Pro Bowl Quarter Back Donovan McNabb for a draft Pick in the top 42, meaning he could go for a high second round pick. Although they are considering offer for all three QB’s on their roster this would seem to indicate that they think that Kevin Kolb is ready to step up despite his slightly shaky form last season.

So who would want Donovan? Well the main contenders must be St Louis, Buffalo and Oakland given they all have perennial problems in this area. The Raiders have tried taking Quarter Backs in the 1st round of the draft before but still cant seem to get it right, so perhaps a quality veteran will steady the ship and given the relative weakness of the AFC West they could mount a challenge. Also they have a high second round pick at 39 which could tempt the Eagles.

The Rams would benefit the most from a quality Quarter Back and given they will almost certainly take Ndamukong Suh with the 1st pick they could part with their 33rd pick for Donovan. However they might think a pick this high is too pricey and given Tim Tebow or Colt McCoy may slip through to the second round then they may decide to take one of them. They could of course trade the no1 pick but Suh looks like a onec in a decade opportunity to me and they could rebuild their defense around him.

Buffalo are possibly interested and with a 41 pick in the second round could just meet the Eagles requirements however they might decide to go with Notre Dames Jimmy Clausen in the 1st round, although McNabb would be a great mentor for him in his 1st season and could still take both.

The outsiders in the McNabb saga are the Washington Redskins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers both of whom desperately need a quality QB.  The Redskins need a Offensive Lineman more so will use their 1st round pick to fill this need but may give up their 37th pick for McNabb and look for a long term option over the next year or two.

Tampa will be hoping that Sam Bradford falls through to their number 3 pick which looks likely as Detroit at 2 are happy with Matt Stafford and have loads of roster holes to fill. However there is always the chance that Detroit will trade the No 2 pick especially if Ndamukong Suh goes at No 1.

The next couple of weeks will be interesting and the early draft picks could be affected considerably depending on where Donovan McNabb finishes up.

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