Is Robert Griffin III worth what the Skins Paid?

There is no doubt that RGIII is a highly promising QB, however there is plenty of chatter regarding the merits of the Skins giving up 3 first round picks and a second.


The positives for the Redskins are that they would still have had to use their no 6  pick in this draft on a QB so its arguable if they gave this years up, and in our opinion RGIII is a much better qb that Ryan Tannerhill who would have been the option if the trade had not taken place. So if as we think this improves them dramatically then the 2013 & 2014 picks could be well dowm the draft.


The Rams didn’t need a QB and with both Matt Flyn and Peyton Manning available in free agency holding out was a big gamble so they should be happy too. Also the Rams don’t need a QB and even if the picks tur out to be late ones in 2013 & 14 they should still be able to fill some gaps.


Overall if as we expect Griffin becomes the Franchise QB in Washington for the next 10 seasons and they reach the post season regularly then what they paid will look like a steal. However this doesn’t mean that the Rams have got a bad deal either though. They don’t need Griffin and they can expect a decent pick with the 6th overall and they will be able to fill big needs in round 2 picking 1st and 7th. Then in the following seasons with 2 firsts in each they can start to add depth.

So to summerise – we think that the price was right and that both teams should end up pretty happy with this trade.

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