Will Ryan Tannerhill Go In The Top 10?

There is an increasing buzz surrounding Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannerhill, and although in our preliminary Mock draft we had him sliding to the Browns at 22 unless they made the move at 4, it now appears that a few teams may be having a second look at him. This increases the chances of a trade up by someone and suddenly the Vikings and Jaguars look to be in a strong position to profit from this.

The Dolphins have signed David Garrard and cut Chad Henney so they may want to take the plunge here and there are whispers that the Chiefs are not convinced by Matt Cassell which may be a little harsh given their injury plagued year.

Others rumoured to be interested include the Eagles who having dumped Kevin Kolb on the Cardinals in what looks like the trade of the decade may decide to have Vicks heir in waiting sorted out now rather than risk him going down injured again.

Overall though we are not buying into the rumours yet, and we remain convinced Tannerhill will be at the Cleveland Browns in 2012; the only difference now is that he might end up there earlier than we thought.



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