Its Official Brett Favre Is Back

Brett Favre with the Vikings
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Finally after all the indecision and doubts Brett Favre is back training with The Minnesota Vikings and will return for his 20th season.   The decision probably has more to do with his desire to get to the Super Bowl again rather than the money, as after 20 years in the NFL he is not short of a few Dollars. Still a pay rise to $16.5 Million is not to be sniffed at.

This will propel the Vikings to favourites for the tough looking NFC North and probably the NFC Championship too, and barring a spate of injuries or an inexplicable loss of form this looks justified. One team who will not be pleased to see Favre back is Green Bay who lost both games to them last year. Still I assume the Packers will give their ex QB a warm welcome on his return to Lambeau, and the Packers still look well placed to take a Wild Card.

As for Brett Favre he will also be able to pad out his records and achievement stats with the following landmarks likely to be achieved in 2011:

500 Touch Down Passes – Currently on  497

300 Consecutive starts – Currently on 285

75,000 Total Passing Yards – Currently on 69, 329

Providing serious injury doesn’t strike these could be achieved this  season, although the yards passing might be beyond even him.

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