Terrell Owens Back To His Old Self

Veteran Wide Receiver Terrell Owens was back where he likes to be – in the spotlight during The Bengals good preseason win against The Philadelphia Eagles.

During Cincinnati’s 22-9 win TO showed some flashes of his previous best on the field, including a 43 yard catch to set up the nights first touch down. His 3 catches for 67 yards was again the teams best, and although its hard to read too much into pre season performances it is a safe bet that he will do better stats wise this season than last season in Buffalo.

Sadly the old arrogant and attention seeking TO also seems to have returned and he hardly enhanced his IQ perception with stupid comments  like “Who can suck a weiner?” which he directed at the NFL Crew.

The big risk for the Bengals this season is that having two super egos like Owens & Ochocinco in the dressing room could affect team spirit especially if things don’t go as expected. With expectations high after their 10-6 NFC North winning season last year a poor start could soon sent the winging and finger pointing into overdrive.

As for The Eagles, well they are looking a little short on offense and Andy Reed might come in for a bit of stick if Kevin Kolb cant start getting the ball into the end zone. They have a pretty ugly schedule again this year and with 10 2009 starters now departed they could find things a bit awkward this season given the NFC East is by far the toughest division in the NFL.

Donovan McNabb could yet come back to haunt them and a bottom of the division finish doesn’t look out of the question.


@NFLPlayersUnion Terrell Owens helps Cincinnati Bengals defeat Philadelphia Eagles
<—–HA, that must have stung their pride

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