NFL 2011 Predictions For The Post Season & Superbowl

With the 2011 season almost upon us its that time of the year again when everyone makes their predictions regarding the Playoffs and eventual Superbowl Winner. Heres our predictions:


AFC Seedings

1 New England Patriots

2 Baltimore Ravens

3 San Diego Chargers

4 Indianapolis Colts

5 Pittsburgh Steelers

6 New York Jets

Wild Card Games

Steelers Over Colts

Jets over Chargers

Divisional Games

Ravens over Steelers

Patriots over Jets

Championship Game

Patriots over Ravens


NFC Seedings

1 Green Bay Packers

2 Philadelphia Eagles

3 New Orleans Saints

4 Arizona Cardinals

5 Atlanta Falcons

6 New York Giants


Wild Card Games

Saints over Giants

Falcons  over Cardinals

Divisional Games

Packers over Falcons

Saints over Eagles

Championship Game

Packers over Saints


Green Bay Packers over New England Patriots

So its a repeat of Superbowl 31 (XXXI) for us as the Packers become the first team to retain the Superbowl since the Patriots did it in Superbowl 39


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