Only Two Days Left To Save The 2011 NFL Season

Things are coming down to the wire in the negotiations between the owners and players in the NFL and the bleak prospect of a player lockout is increasing by the hour.

The latest U.S. District Court judge ruling by David Doty has really thrown a spanner in the works as any trust between owners and players will have bee stretched by his comment in his ruling statement:

“The record shows that the NFL undertook (TV) contract renegotiations to advance its own interests and harm the interests of the players.”

This has led the unions to accused the NFL of structuring TV contracts agreed to in 2009 and 2010 so owners would be guaranteed money even if there were a work stoppage in 2011. This would of course belong to the owners exclusively if ther was a lockout.


Hopefully the ruling will mean the two sides start negotiating again properly and that we get some football in 2011.

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