Seattle Seahawks Make The Post Season with 7-9 Record

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Given the state of the NFC West it was almost inevitable that a team would finally make it to the playoffs with a losing record, and that dubious honour belongs to the Seattle Seahawks. Their 16-6 win over main rivals (if that’s the right word) The St Louis Rams clinched them the NFC West title thanks to their better divisional record, and will now entertain the New Orleans Saints in the Wild Card game this weekend.

This result has inevitably led to questions regarding how the playoffs are structured given that the NY Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers both missed out at 10-6. However no matter how bad the Seahawks have been they did win their division and every division deserves to be represented in the post season.

The Saints will be strong favourites for the game, but in one off game anything can happen and it would be the ultimate Irony if the Hawks made the Super Bowl. We don’t think there is much chance of that happening though.

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