The Dolphins Grab Brandon Marshall

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In an attempt to improve their dismal passing performance the Miami Dolphins have sacrificed two second round draft picks (this years and 2011) to secure Brandon Marshall from the Denver Broncos in a move which seems to indicate that the Broncos are content to build for the future rather than compete in 2010.

Although the price and the wages are high Marshall is a tremendous talent and in 2009 he managed 10 TDs and 1120 yards receiving in a far from impressive Broncos team. Given the Dolphins only managed 15 receiving touch downs in the entire season a repeat of this would make a significant difference to the teams results and the deep ball threat he poses will give them more chances to excercise their prodigious running game.

Whether this will be enough to get them a playoff place is debatable though and the division looks like being a tough one with the New York Jets looking strong folowing some good aquisitions and the New England Patriots having a heap of draft picks which will fill any holes that are strating to form. Still its a step in the right direction and if they can manage to resign Jason taylor they will be quite a threat both sides of the ball.

As for Denver well they continue to trade away their best assets but are accumulation draft picks both this year and next, and if they use these carefully they will be playoff contenders soon, but I dont hold out too much hope for them in the 2010 season.

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