The Redskins Need To Unload Haynesworth Fast

ASHBURN, VA - FEBRUARY 27:  Albert Haynesworth...
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Albert Haynesworth is not good at hiding any discontent and after disrupting the Washington Redskins franchise for over a year with his less than sanguine attitude he has finally came out and asked for a trade.  With the new regime now firmly in place in Washington they will have to move fast to limit any further damage so ensuring they go into the new season with a happy squad.

Defensive tackle Haynesworth arrived as a free agent with a  massive reputation and commanded an equally impressive $100m contract $41m of which was guaranteed. However his season was blighted by injuries and a loss of form which saw him register only 4 sacks. At over $10m each they could be the most expensive in NFL history assuming he manages to walk away with all his guarantee; not a very likely scenario.

So who would want Haynesworth? Well that’s a difficult question given he has hardly shown himself to be a team player, his old team the Tennessee Titans would probably be interested as could be some of the rebuilding franchises such as the Detroit Lions or St Louis Rams, but after that it becomes more difficult given that this years draft looked like producing a vintage bunch.

Whatever I wouldn’t expect him to command all that much in a trade and once again shows the risk to taking on a big name free agent with a contract and ego to match.

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