Thing Get Rough At Broncos Training Camp

The opening day of the Denver Broncos training camp resulted in injuries to main running backs Knowshon Moreno and ex Eagle Correll Buckhalter. Both picked up leg injuries while running the same drill and coach Josh McDaniel might have to consider easing off a little if he wants to avoid more injuries so early in training. Fortunately neither player is thought to have sustained serious damage, however this is a worry as Denver are not over endowed with running backs. With veteran J.J. Arrington already on his way to the Eagles this only leaves Kolby Smith,  who only had 33 yards rushing for Kansas last season and second-year pros Lance Ball and Bruce Hall who have accumulated 1 start between them. It is just about possible that undrafted rookie Toney Baker who was a star at North Carolina State could find himself on the roster if Moreno & Buckhalter are sidelined.

With San Diego still looking likely AFC West Division winners and Oakland having strengthened their defense, going into the new season with a limited running game could be disastrous for the Broncos, who could find a wild Card place beyond them again this season and might even struggle to gain second place.

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