2012 NFL Draft Predictions Picks 19-24

Our predictions for the 2012 NFL Draft 1st round picks 19-24. Here we think there could be some trades as perhaps Miami or Cleveland may trade up for  Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill.


19 Chicago Bears – DE Courtney Upshaw Alabama

Although this is not a major need for the Bears we think the option of teaming Upshaw with Peppers will prove too tempting to pass up and given Chicago’s penchance for defense it would be a good choice. With Mike Martz now gone the Tight end position may make a reappearance in 2012 and they may take Coby Fleener here, although there is a good chance he could fall further so they could trade down or try and trade back into the draft if they want to fill the TE spot in round 1.

20 Tennessee TitansDE Melvin Ingram South Carolina


The Titans need to get pressure on the QB and if Melvin Ingram has fallen this far they will take him. They also need a decent Centre and they would possibly consider Peter Konz, however there will be some decent centres left in round two (Jones or Holmes) so they can address that need there.


21 Cincinnati Bengals WR Stephen Hill Georgia Tech


We think the Bengals would be happy to trade out of this pick, however if they cant get a deal then they may use it to add some depth at WR and Stephen Hill is likely to be the best WR left on the board at this stage. They may also consider TE Coby Fleener from Stanford as he would add a big (litterally) threat over the middle and could be a useful blocker given his size and strength.


22 Cleveland Browns (From Atlanta) – QB Ryan Tannehill Texas A&M


Assuming the Browns have not taken Tannehill with pick 4 they will grab him here. The only other possible choice would be Brandon Weedon and that only if Miami hasnt taken a punt on Tannehill earlier.




23 Detroit Lions – OT Mike Adams Ohio State


The Lions have drafted well over the last few seasons and they are now looking like being a threat in the NFC for a few seasons to come. Overall they are not too bad all over but OT is the biggest gap in our opinion so we expect them to fill this here. The other possible candidate at this stage is Jonathan Martin and we are pretty sure the pick will be one of these two.


24 Pittsburgh Steelers – ILB Dont’a Hightower Alabama


The Steelers need to do a bit of rebuilding in n2012 as a lot of players are ageing and altjhough the O-Line needs attention the Steelers play Defense and they will probably start by adding some youth here. If they decide to go O-Line then the choice would be either Jonathan Martin or Mike Adams depending on whos left.

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